Organic Yoga Mexico

Featuring free WiFi and free parking lot at Organic Yoga Mexico you can fell totally relaxed…adventures starts within 5-10 min from Organic Yoga as the near by beaches with turqoise waters and reefs are waiting to be discovered.
There are near by cenotes ( natural water holes) with its fresh waters and some of them they are abundant with fish.
Yalkoo lagoon is within 10 min drive and is one of the most beatifull lagoons around the Riviera Maya.
Xcacel-Xcacelito is 11 km from Organic Yoga Mexico,here is a natural reserve where turtles come to leave their eggs…and rigth there in Xcacel there is an astonishing clear cenote.
Also at Organic Yoga there are Yoga classes if you like to take a classs or two.
Classes are free so if you are a total begginer its ok…we all started at one point!!!!! the yoga classes are held at the beatifull Yoga Hall wich is surrounded by the mayan jungle and is all screnned so buggs can stay outside.
Continental breakfast is included on the price so in the morning you already have ready for you coffee or tea fresh fruits,bread and mermelade.
For dinner they are several good restaurants in Akumal Bay wich is 10 min drive or if you prefer to go a bit further Playa del Carmen is 25-30 min away or Tulum 20 min from here.